A better year is coming... welcome, 2021

We are looking forward to 2021 - let it be a better year for all of the humanity.

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This time, the fireworks are for a reason.

Welcome, new year 2021!

After the turbulent year 2020, we can't wait to greet the new year - and we are hopeful it will be a much better year for humanity.

Let's celebrate.

Let's celebrate the heroes that saved all these lives this year, the heroes that fought on the front lines. 

Let's celebrate how we all adapted to the new way the world operates - embracing a new way of working (remotely or not), living and safety measures in place.

Let's celebrate the fact that, this year's misfortunes brought the best in all of us - it reminded us to be humble, to appreciate the moments, to care for one another, and to be better as people.

What happened at Dual Good Health during 2020?

This year proved that our mission is all worth fighting for - the mission for saving lives is all the more important.

A lot of people learned that doing things virtually can be more efficient - and spoke to us about helping them do this. 

We had enquiries from organisations that are looking to incorporate VR training specifically because of the pandemic. They are in the process of creating isolated training rooms where trainees can train in a social distant manner, so that safety measures and government guidelines are followed.

It seems that it is happening faster than before - organisations are embracing Virtual Reality training as a way to train during the pandemic and beyond.

What's next?

We are continuing our work with our corporate clients, as well as clients from the Education and healthcare sectors.

The beginning of 2021 will be busy, but we cannot wait to get it started.

We are looking forward to bringing even more training to the remote learners of the world, and helping them save lives. 

Happy holidays! We hope they are just the start of the new, happy moments to come in 2021.